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Since 1891, there has been a Lubbock High. As we walk down these halls everyday, it is important to know of the rich history behind the school.

In the Early history of Lubbock county, when the town-sites of old Lubbock and Monterey were still rivals, there was no established school.

In 1891, the two rival towns merged, and the first Lubbock school became a reality. The school announcement offered, "Schooling for all who could reach it by pony, wagon, buggy or on foot." Enrollment in the new school grew to 360 students in 1909, and the three-room building was badly overcrowded. In March 1909 the need for a new school became even more pressing. Fire destroyed the building. The boys who began the fire hoped to end school in Lubbock permanently, but were successful only in postponing it until the fall. A group of five were the first to graduate from Lubbock High when it first became an accredited high school


In 1922, although the school mascot was a Westerner, the football team was named "The Pirates." In order for an out-of-town team to come to Lubbock, the school had to agree to pay for transportation, a private meal, and first class accommodations


1929, enrollment approached 500 and the overcrowding was so serious that the high school was threatened with the loss of accreditation.

In the fall, plans began for the construction of a new high school, which took three years to complete. During that time, it was necessary for many of the grades to go half day. The headlines of the Westerner World on April 1,1931, read, "Lubbock High School students to move desks." The story read, "On account of a delay in getting the furniture from the old one will be moved by the students. Starting at 9 a.m. Monday, each pupil will carry his desk or chair and four students will be assigned to move each teacher's desk." This story continuess today even though it was an April Fool's story.

At the school's main entrance rides the cowboy, symbol of the Westerner.



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