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Don Hill
Fulshear, Texas 77441
19 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From Fulshear, Tx

Joseph Welch
3186 Morning Creek, San Antonio, TX 78247
17 Jul 2009

We have moved back to San Antonio and I am still working , hoping to retire next year. Are we have any further reunions? I sure would like to see one more before we all go to the old folks home.

  •         Don D Williams
            Rua Milao, 30 Jardim Europa
            CEP 37716-130 Pocos de Caldas, MG
            (55) 35-3722-3956

  • I immigrated to Brazil in 1958, have lived here ever since, and became a Brazilian citizen in 1979. My father Oran Orville Williams was a teacher (probably History) at Lubbock High in 1940 and 1941.

    Two brothers graduated from Lubbock High: Keith Kim Williams and Quinn Quay Williams. I don't have the dates, but can find out from them if it's of any interest.

    Kindest regards, Don Williams

    Don Hill
    22 Dec 2008

    This is Don Hill, I am still alive and fairly well. My address is P.O. Box 664 Fulshear, TX.77441 My phone number is 281-830-2671

    Ollie Faye Cooper Whitener
    31 May 2008

    I am in McKinney, Texas, after living in VA and PA. I am not lost anymore!!

    12 Apr 2008

    My grandfather was Emory D Hollar and his sister Fern Hollar (Jones) was a teacher at Lubbock High School for 22 years. If any of you have photos of this Hollar Family...please let me know! Thanks!

    Ollie Faye Cooper Whitener
    13 Apr 2008

    My address is now: 115 Poppy Lane McKinney, TX 75070

    Ray Thompson
    Richardson, TX
    12 Apr 2008

    This week, Joni Wimberley McIlvain ('55) told me about this website and suggested that I post information about my only love, Avalyn (Maddox) Thompson. Avalyn fought a brave, nine month battle with Pancreatic Cancer, but I lost her August 13th, 2005. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who knew her at LHS or through the Girl Scouts. -- Bye R@y

               Joni Wimberley McIlvain ('55)

             Bethesda MD


             07 Apr 2008

    Calling all Girl Scouts! The Lubbock Girl Scouts are planning a reunion for 2008 summer. I have been asked for names & addresses of former Girl Scouts. If you or your sister or your cousins were Girl Scouts in Lubbock, or you attended camp at Las Leonitas/ Buffalo Lake, please contact me. Mary "Skeet" Anderson will be honored, & is excited about attending & seeing everyone.

    Thanks to Gene, for your terrific website!

    Joni Wimberley McIlvain ('55)

    Mary Lightholder Tanner
    20 Sep 2007

    I live in Santa Barbara, CA. Sorry to have missed the reunion. My address: Mary Tanner 311 East De La Guerra St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Ph: 805-962-3865

    Wanda Lively (Earles)
    28 Jul 2007

    I have yet to meet any of my classmates who went to Sanders Elementry. Is there anyone who lives in Lubbock?

    Joseph M. Welch
    San Antonio, Texas
    06 Apr 2007

    I have sent a new address and other info, thanks for changing my info. By the way, I sent a message some time ago that Dal Whaley had passed away. I talked with his wife and he had died of cancer

    Helen Brown Baillie
    San Salvador, El Salvador, C. A.
    26 Mar 2007

    Will we have a mini reunion in 2008? I hope to be in the states and would love to see everyone.

    Joseph Welch
    Ovilla, Texas
    02 Mar 2007
    07:20:24 AM

    Just checking in... where is everyone.

    Jon Brown
    KEMP, TX 75143
    20 Sep 2006
    01:24:36 AM

    Joseph Welch
    Ovilla, Texas
    17 Aug 2006
    07:02:59 PM

    Hello everyone, great pictures.

    Bill Eger
    25 Jun 2006
    11:45:02 PM

    Stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

    Wray Clark
    Phoenix, AZ
    08 Nov 2004
    12:32:56 AM

    Doyle Graves
    1763 CR 2440 Hico, Texas 76457
    10 Feb 2004
    04:29:15 AM

    Royce Shipp
    01 Sep 2003
    02:54:29 PM

    Don Oatman
    Jefferson, Texas
    21 Aug 2003
    12:59:18 PM

    Mary Alice and I have had a couple of recent Westerner visitors to "Deep East Texas."  A couple of weeks ago, Homer Franklin and his lovely wife, Helen, met their and son-in-law and daughter in Jefferson to return their visiting granddaughter to her parents.  Jefferson is halfway between Little Rock, where the daughter lives, and Houston, where Homer and Helen live.  We feel lucky to be located at Homer's halfway meeting place.  We get to see the Frankliins fairly often.

    Last week Bobby Jack Hill (class of 54) dropped by on his way from Nashville, Tennessee where his son lives, to Canyon, where Bob has just retired from farming his 960 acre cattle farm.  Bob has recently returned from Russia where he was on a mission trip (can you believe that?).  We really enjoyed his many, many pictures, especially those of the Russian churches where he worked and especially the children he worked with. 

    Jefferson is an upscale resort town, but you Westerners can enjoy it for free.  Mary Alice and I always welcome LHS visitors.

    Don Oatman

    Elmo (Jud) McKee
    641 north randolph avenue, eufaula, al  36027
    23 Jun 2003
    05:53:06 PM

    Hello, all you classmates out in cyberland...Just checking to see if there is any news.  Once in awhile I interrupt my busy life to bring the past up to the present.  Which is why this website is such a great opportunity! I get the same feeling visiting our historic cemetery here (it's a part of my daily walk).  I know you're out there, just separated by a little space (vs time)...So, anyhow, if anyone can think of something entertaining about our mutual existence to share, why, just do it!  Have a wonderful summer!  (You too, paula and travis!)

    Royce Shipp
    Longview TEXAS 75604
    24 May 2003
    02:43:27 PM

    Had a great time at the reunion. I got to see some friends I had not seen in a long time. Thanks for the hard work you put out to make this one special. The website is great. Bobby Young you said it for all of us. It was great to hear about your mother. How is Shirley (Marion) Welch doing? She is a great lady. Please advice. Have a good life. See you next time.

    kathy veazey wolff
    3620 Oneida, Wichita, KS  67208
    20 May 2003
    04:32:29 PM

    I noticed that my address on the roster was listed as PO box 8717.  I dropped the PO box and started receiving mail at 3620 Oneida again after the dog that started the big disagreement with the mailman died.  My present dog is much friendlier!
    I am having such fun with the website.  Good job!

    I think Lucille Owsley and Virginia Sue Brown are now deceased. 
    Hope to see all of you at the next reunion.

    Willie Ann Wood Moore (Jack)
    San Angelo, TX
    17 May 2003
    03:39:43 PM

    I learned about this great web site this week-end from a classmate named Jerry Stevens. I am so sad that I missed the 50th reunion.

    Jack and I moved to 1401 Paseo de Vaca, San Angelo, TX 76901 in July, 2000 from Colleyville, TX and you did not know our new address. I have attended 2 other past reunions. The name I go by now is just Ann.

    How long has this web site been on? It certainly is a wonderful way to keep in touch!

    Ann Moore

    Leon Bostick
    Albuquerque, N.M.
    16 May 2003
    12:22:45 PM

    Having left Lubbock after my junior year I was really looking forward to this reunion and it was better than I expected. Just to visit with old friends and walk the halls of Lubbock High, brought back so many memories. It made you proud to be a Westerner.

    Thanks to the reunion committee for a great reunion and a great web site.

    kathy veazey wolff
    wichita, kansas
    15 May 2003
    07:06:26 PM

    The reunion was just great.  Jane and Mom and I really enjoyed seeing Lubock High on Saturday morning.  Jane and I loved to see all of my classmates on Friday & Sat. at 4:00.  Pictures on the nametags was a terrific idea; otherwise, I would not have recognized many of the '53 grads.  I hope to attend the next one in 2008 or later.  Thanks again for all the hard work and planning that went into the 50th reunion.

    Billie Nix Jones (Stanley)
    Amarillo, Texas
    snbj1955@cox.net  (note change)
    15 May 2003
    05:18:58 PM

    Was so sorry not to be there, but Medicare did not see I was up to it, they do not give reunion passes).  After 2 months I was released yesterday from the hospital.  Both legs are doing better, but I will probably stay with my walker from now on. You must plan another of these very soon, and I try to promise not to break both legs next time.  Would have loved to see everyone.  We are in the Amarillo phone book as Stan C. Jones and would like to have a call or visit from any of you.  Thanks so much for this site so I can see what I missed.

    Geniece Renfroe Puckett
    2984 Barcelona Way, Conyers, GA 30012G
    13 May 2003
    02:53:20 AM

    Words can't express how much fun Guy and I had. It was so much fun to see all the "old" friends.  The Lubbock group did a terrific job and thanks so much for all your work - very much appreciated.  Enjoyed seeing my special friends, Saki and June Cannon McDevitt!  I thought we all looked the same!!!  I also enjoy using my scooter to get around and see more friends faster!

    Dick Kennedy
    Mobile, AL
    12 May 2003
    02:33:36 AM -0000

    Great job on the website Gene.  Wonder if the Class of 58 will match it.  You up to it KK?

    Elmo (Jud) McKee
    641 North Randolph Avenue, Eufaula, AL  36027
    11 May 2003
    04:07:19 AM -0000

    I spent a lot of time before arriving back in Lubbock trying to imagine how everyone would look.  I have to say everyone's eyes did it for me!  They brought back so many memories.  It was a joy to be with everyone for those couple of days.  Connie and I will always remember this short visit.  We wish everyone 'happy trails'!  Thanks to the Committee for their hard work and thanks for this great web site!

    Paula Turner Roper
    Lake Jackson, Texas
    09 May 2003
    11:29:06 PM -0000

    It was a great reunion. Thanks to all who worked on it.  I loved being back in the high school building.  It is still beautiful.  Every event was well coordinated and enjoyable.  Only negative comment I heard, at the performance at Cactus Theater, was by a woman who said she never came to that part of town when she was young because it was the slums.  That comment hurt.  I lived in the east part of town, which was a poorer, working man's section, but certainly not the slums, and certainly not a dangerous neighborhood. Other than that, the weekend was wonderful, and I especially enjoyed the devotional on Sunday, the remarks by Craig, and Jimmy's talk about the work in China.  Hope to come to 55th(??) reunion.  Thanks again.

    Sara McComb Blakemore
    1117 Dawn drive, Mineola, TX  75773
    09 May 2003
    05:24:01 AM -0000

    Thanks to all of you who worked so hard and for your time and love that produced such a wonderful 50th reunion for the rest of us.  My hat is off to you.  It was so much fun to be at the registration table and get to see everyone at least once.  I want to volunteer for that job again next time.  I'm already looking forward to the NEXT time. 
    The web site is great.  I'll be returning often.

    Don Oatman
    Jefferson, Texas
    08 May 2003
    07:19:20 PM -0000

    Great website!  Great reunion!  We have very super classmates who  have planned this and previous reunions.  Mary Alice and I had a great time and look forward the the 75th (or hopefully a 55th or 60th) even though I'm
    sure the reunion planners are not anxious to start working on another reunion right away.  Come see us in Jefferson.  Our 75 cent a night bed and breakfast is a real bargain.

    bobby young
    el paso, texas
    08 May 2003
    07:16:46 PM -0000

    hi friends and classmates,

    the reunion was very nice and well organized. thank everyone for their hard work.

    it was especially nice to shake hands and talk a little with old friends such as royce shipp, john blocker, jimmy gafford, dickie lowrey, jim haynie, buddy hill, craig mcdonald, robert rawls, jay bannister, larry bird, billy sims, don cresson, sammy ribble, harold teal, robert webb, jerry martin, and keith white. you all looked great and so did all he girls. on the negative side i think it was inappropriate for the speaker, don't recall his name, to take offense to the fact that larry bird recognized the state champion football and basketball teams.

    he was there to entertain, not comment on the ceremonies. i guess we all have our agendas but that was not the time or place to make such comments

    the honkey tonk angels ended a very nice evening. lubbock is a nice city and everyone should come back sometime. my mother still lives there in a house by herself and this july will be 95

    Craig McDonald
    4615 8th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416
    07 May 2003
    04:38:28 PM -0000

    This site is wonderful! Gene, you have done a perfect job. Thanks. Thanks to classmates, our week was much fun. I was so tired Sunday afternoon that I took a two hour nap. A special thanks to our leader and general, Billy Sims. No one could have gotten us all together better. It was fun seeing some of you for the first time in 50 years. I made a new friend, Charles Roderick. I think that I will lose some weight and maybe have face-lift before the next reunion. I'm just kidding!! God Bless the LHS Class of 53.

    07 May 2003
    02:14:46 AM -0000

    Hi to everyone!

    What a great site.  I've been through it several times and each time I remember more names and what those names looked like in 1953. But now I don't recognize anyone but Sims, Larry, Ann and Eddie.  Wish I could have been there--will do my best to be there in 2008.

    We've been in Costa Rica for 2 1/2 years now and really like the peace and quite-especially after living in Colombia for 21 years.

    Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this reunion possible.

    My best to all.


    Joyce Mauldin Sharp
    Katy, Texas
    06 May 2003
    07:12:28 PM -0000

    Thanks to those who worked on the reunion and made it all possible.  It was great fun!

    David Hughes
    904 St. Stephens Rd., Alexandria, VA
    06 May 2003
    06:17:41 AM -0000

    Dear Classmates:

    I always thought that our 30th reunion should have been our last, especially since I could recognize those there at that time.  The pictures confirm my fears!

    Sorry that I could not make it, but as some have suggested, let's have the 1953 faces for identification!

    This is a very well done website.  The Committee is to be congratulated on a well organized and managed reunion.

    All the best to everyone.

    Mary Ellen Coker Armstrong
    Rt. 1 Box 53-C Maud, TX 75567
    06 May 2003
    04:32:37 AM -0000

    Thanks so much for the terrific web site.  We (Charles & I) really enjoyed the reunion.  It was great to be there and renew old friendships. I know that I will be going back to this often. Thanks

    Betsy Fonville Harper
    Wichita Falls, Texas 76308
    05 May 2003
    02:37:01 AM -0000

    Jay Bannister
    Dallas, TX
    05 May 2003
    12:28:24 AM -0000

    Great web site!  I am reflecting on the outstanding reunion and want to thank all you good folks in Lubbock for a really good time.  I just didn't have enough time to really talk with enough old friends.  Thanks again - Jay

    Rexell (Smallin) Isett
    Chatsworth, California
    04 May 2003
    08:34:00 PM -0000

    Marlene Eskin
    Austin, TX
    03 May 2003
    08:02:44 PM -0000

    You all look like you're having so much fun.  Wish I were there!  But I don't recognize anyone in the photos.  We aren't really that old, are we?

    Nelda Grace-King
    Lubbock, Tx
    02 May 2003
    02:40:11 PM -0000

    Deloris Hamilton Sipes
    Midland, Texas
    02 May 2003
    01:54:41 AM -0000

    What a great idea!  I work part time as a nutritional consultant and am affiliated with Pure Herbs Ltd. Our two oldest grand daughters will graduate from college and marry this year.

    I need some help finding my ex sister-in-law.  She is Linda Medders, class of '55.  She remarried and the last time I hear lived in El Paso. 

    Thanks for your help.
    See you soon!

    Hilliard McLamore
    Washington DC area
    02 May 2003
    12:37:23 AM -0000

    Congratulations on a great web site. I've seen so many poor ones!

    One suggestion: When you post pictures of anyone, use the LHS 53 yearbook picture. Who wants to see some geezers who are older than Mrs. Studhalter was?

    (Joking, but seriously I don't recognize any faces unless they are 1953 faces).

    Doris POARCH Dye
    3408-64th,Lubbock, Tx 79413
    01 May 2003
    11:12:27 PM -0000

    Gene, this is a great web site and many thanks for your creation of it.  I'm sure I will be going back and forth to this many times.  Again thanks for all your hard work.

    Nelva Noland Adams
    Lubbock, TX
    01 May 2003
    03:43:49 AM -0000

    This is a terrific website.  Thanks for all the hard work!  Am, I getting old or what?????? Can't seem to remember who anyone was.  Thanks goodness for old annuals.  Come to think of it, wonder if anyone remembers who I am????  Thanks again for all the good information.  Nelva

    June Cannon McDevitt
    #1 Smith Loop  Los Lunas, NM 87031
    01 May 2003
    01:33:53 AM -0000

    We leave in the morning to see all of you. I am so excited and know that it has been so much work, but please know that it will be greatly appreciated.
    I love this web sight and especially the song. I called my sister Jane Cannon Marcy '59 and told her to look it up too.
    See ya tomorrow or Fri. Ps. Niecy Renfroe Puckett will arrive tom. from GA. Love ya all, June

    Mary Lou (Brewer) Looper
    Mansfield, Arkansas
    01 May 2003
    01:28:32 AM -0000

    What a really great website! Since I will be unable to come this year because of illness, we will surely look forward to seeing and hearing about all of the activities and the fun that all of you will have.  Enjoy each other and all of the memories that we shared while at LHS.  Go Westerners!

    Kay Lofley Fulgenzi
    6704 Dreyfuss Road Amarillo, Tx. 79106
    01 May 2003
    01:23:42 AM -0000

    Thanks for doing the website.   I have enjoyed the site and know it took a lot of time and work.   Hope the 50th is going well.   Wish I were there.   Again, thanks for the hard work and web site.
    Kay Lofley Fulgenzi

    Helen Brown Baillie
    San Salvador, El Salvador, C. A.
    01 May 2003
    01:17:39 AM -0000

    I think this is a real nice thing!!  Sorry that I live so far away, so that I can't renew friendships, but maybe I can through this website.

    Helen Brown Baillie
    San Salvador, El Salvador, C. A.
    01 May 2003
    01:13:25 AM -0000

    Since finishing my Elementary Teacher's certificate at Texas Tech in 1958, I've been teaching in Central America.  I arrived in Guatemala City in Dec. of 1958 and proceeded to Huehuetenango near the border of Mexico where there was a school for missionaries' children.  I met my husband in Guatemala where he was helping in the technical department of TGNA.  We were married in Dallas in 1962 and spent a few months in the States visiting a number of churches and families before returning to Guatemala in Dec. '62.

    Cherrille Schuetzeberg
    01 May 2003
    12:06:41 AM -0000

    Gene, what a professional job!  I'm so glad to be able to see where most of our class mates are.  Wow, I'll be using this lots.



    Sylvia Adams
    Memphis TN
    30 Apr 2003
    11:09:30 PM -0000

    So happy to see the website....and sorry I cannot be there for the reunion. Thanks for putting my picture on the website (I'll be there in spirit!) Love to all...

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    Bill Eger
    Big Island of Hawai`i


    30 Apr 2003

    Craig McDonald
    30 Apr 2003

    Betsy Fonville Harper
    Wichita Falls, Texas 76308
    30 Apr 2003

    Larry Byrd
    30 Apr 2003

    Betty Aldridge Hill
    6202 W.4th St  Apt 182   Lubbock, Texas
    30 Apr 2003

    Joy Deary Armstrong
    Amarillo, TX
    joy@ama.ttuhsc.edu or joya35@msn.com
    30 Apr 2003

    Dane Grant
    905 1/2 Knox  Houston, Tx 77007
    30 Apr 2003

    Gene Mathis
    Lubbock, TX
    6:24:40 PM

    You are great people to work with!! I hope you enjoy this website as much as I have enjoyed building it.





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